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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 24, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this week's ask allison is based on this photo, and we're going to tell you about this little investigation that i did to answer this question. really fascinating stuff there. >> can i tell our viewers what you go through to answer these questions? she has been pulling her hair out. >> i'm obsessed about this. >> that's good you found the answer. >> it's very interesting. >> very good. also very interesting, our weather. changes today, tomorrow and sunday. tucker barnes is here with more. >> we've got fog across the area and get ready for record heat. mid-90s, it's going to feel like august out there. let's get started with a fog advisory, all the counties in gray. i moments ago got an update, montgomery county now the fog advisory has been let to expire. carroll county and frederick county in maryland, the fog advisory has been lifted but still in effect in prince george's county and ann arundel county, howard county until 11:00 this morning. visibilities in spots a quarter mile or less.
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we expect the fog will burn off rather quickly. the sun's had a chance to get up in the sky a bit. and we are looking at a bright, sunny afternoon. should be mostly sunny this afternoon but again it's going to be hot around here. our average daytime high only in the 70s. don't forget eventual highs in the mid-90s this afternoon. currently 74 degrees at reagan international. winds out of the south at 6-7 miles an hour. hot and humid out there, lots of sunshine. high temperature 95 degrees. i'll have more details on the forecast and we'll get cooler this weekend, and maybe some rain in the five-day too. we'll let you know when that will arrive coming up. allison, tony, back to you. >> reporter: our top story this morning, investigators are sifting through the burned remains of three homes in manassas this morning. ashes are all that are left after a massive fire destroyed those homes on tillet loop yesterday afternoon. >> sara simmons is following the story for us and joins us now with more.
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sara? >> reporter: tony and allison, fire crews worked late into the evening putting out hot spots at the scene. the fire spread pretty quickly, and firefighters from manassas, prince william county and manassas park were called in to help. officials believe the fire started in the house in the middle and it burned to the ground. >> reporter: this view from sky fox shows you the devastating nature of this fire, three homes side by side up in flames. scores of firefighters virtually powerless to stop it before the damage was done. investigators believe the fire started in the middle house then quickly spread in both directions. >> it's beyond the expression of words. >> reporter: two people did suffer minor injuries. one woman was in shock because of the sight of seeing her home destroyed. >> we got outside, everybody. >> reporter: but the memories, everything inside was destroyed. >> they couldn't save anything. >> reporter: the flames and
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heat spreading quickly. >> with much fire you need a lot of water and a lot of hoses, a lot of personnel to control it. >> reporter: manassas assistant fire chief says they needed help from other agencies. city officials say they can't believe what they are seeing. >> we are looking to find out what the impact is going to be and what the cause was. >> reporter: fire investigators say finding the cause will take some work. the impacts are already being felt. >> we have around 14-16 residents that are displaced and they are being held up at the local community center, and then rec will also help with arrangements for them. >> reporter: investigators are certain the homes had smoke alarms but it is not clear if they were actually working. in all, 7 buildings were affected and the red cross is helping displaced families find some temporary shelter. tony and allison, back to you. >> sara, thank you very much.
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still no word on what started a fire that killed a virginia mother and two children, allie anderson saving three of her children and their townhouse burned thursday. she lowered them out a window to their uncle then she went back to get her youngest sons but neither she nor her son made it out. fabs tried to help but couldn't get inside because the fire was too intense. virginia executed a woman last night, the first time that's been done in 98 years. 41-year-old teresa lewis died by lethal injection at the greensville correctional center in jarrett. the families of her victims attended the execution. lewis pled guilty to plotting the murders of her husband and stepson but her lawyers questioned her competence because of her low i. q. officials say she entered the death chamber on her own and apologized to the victim's sister. >> the execution of teresa lewis has been carried out in the manner as prescribed by the laws of the commonwealth of
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virginia. death was pronounced at 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. >> tonight the machinery of death in virginia extinguished the beautiful child-like and loving human spirit of teresa lewis. >> her lawyers say lewis was borderline mentally disabled and supporters claim she was a changed woman who her prisoners and religious songs, allison. a police chase in district heights maryland ended if the district with shots fire. prince george's county police were chasing suspects accused of an armed carjacking along silver hill road earlier this morning. two vehicles were involved, a honda and toyota avalon. the suspect in the honda bailed out at 31st and g streets on southeast. that's when they got into a shootout with the officers. no one was hurt. two suspects were arrested. police are still looking for the burgundy toyota avalon with maryland tag 754-60hv. police have made an arrest
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in the murder of this d.c. waiter and college student. he was shot to death while riding home from work through sherman circle last month. police believe the killer is 17- year-old erik foreman. he was 16 at the time of the killing. officers say foreman tried to rob the man before shooting him several times. foreman is being charged as an adult. all right, stephen colbert will be testifying before congress. half spoken word, half dance number. [ laughter ] >> the big story, you heard right. comedian stephen colbert is in d.c. to testify before congress, particularly about immigration outside a house committee. sherri ly is live with details. >> reporter: stephen colbert may be a comedian but his appearance on capital hill today is no joke. you wouldn't think of him as a person that was an expert on illegal immigration but anyone
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who watches his show knows he recently joined up with the united farm workers to spend a day on a farm as a migrant worker. the comedy central host will testify about his experience doing that alongside the ufw at a house judiciary subcommittee hearing on illegal immigrants working in agriculture. his stint as a farm worker appeared on his show last night, the could be air report. last month he spent the day on a farm in upstate new york picking beans and sorting corn. it's part of the ufw taking our jobs campaign, inviting americans to replace an undocumented farm worker for a day. it's unclear what could be air will say at the hearing but critics including some on fox news have called it a waste of taxpayer money to which he responded ... >> i'm going to surprise you, folks. i agree with gretchen. i am a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. there's my hotel, my meals, and of course my mobile snow machine so i can cross country ski the entire way there.
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all of which i am paying for. but congress is on the hook for my water, as much as i want, plus the electricity powering my microphone for a full five minutes of talk time. god only knows how many hospitals won't be built because of me. >> now, that hearing starts at 9:30 so just about a half hour from now at the ray burn building here on capitol hill. according to one republican on that subcommittee is calling the hearing a joke but a spokesperson for the committee said this is a serious issue and is not a tv stunt. even so, allison it remains to be seen whether colbert will be taken seriously. >> thank you so much. tony? colbert's testimony isn't the only thing going on on capitol hill. there has been a move to end
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the bush-era tax cuts and fox's doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: democrats decided to push this back until after the midterm elections. if tax cuts are not renewed just about every american who pays income taxes will see a big hike next year. democrats lined up outside the capitol to out to their latest achievement, a loan package for small businesses intended to help juice the economy. >> we will send to president obama legislation that will unleash hundreds of billions of dollars in loans for america's small businesses. >> reporter: but it's dwarfed with what will remain undone when they all leave for the november elections. the tax cuts that president bush passed during his first term are set to expire at the end of the year. republicans want them all renewed. democrats want the wealthiest americans to pay more. >> there will be no tax increase for middle income americans, period. whether we do it today or we do it six weeks from today, there
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will be no tax cut -- no tax increase for middle class americans. >> reporter: maybe so but not if the standoff here continues, and it's not just democrats versus republicans. some democrats don't like the idea of raising any taxes now and republicans made it clear as they unveiled their new pledge to america that the issue of tax cuts, permanent ones, will be a cornerstone of their election pitch. >> we believe that part of the uncertainty that's causing employers to refrain from reinvesting in their businesses is the fact that no one knows what the tax rates are going to be tomorrow. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans are fighting something of an uphill battle here. there's a new a.p. poll showing that voters equally distrust republicans and democrats when it comes to handling the economy. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and the united nations, the entire u.s. delegation walks out of a speech by the iranian
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president ma'am you'd ahmadinejad. he said quote most people think the september 11th attacks were carried out by the u.s. government. he also says the u.s. did it to reverse the declining economy and save the zionist regime in israel. 32 delegations joined the american diplomats in walking out. outside the u.n. demonstrators protested against the iranian president. some protesting against arrests of young people during the last iranian election. he is the founder of one of the most popular internet sites in the world. now the man behind facebook is sharing his wellth. i'm serious when i say that, $100 million of his wealth to be exact. leftover prescription drugs can be dangerous but what do you do with those unused pills? we've got a solution and we'll tell you about it next. right now it is 11 minutes after 9:00. oweanyo
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unused prescription drugs can be harmful to pets, kids and the environment if they are not disposed of properly. health organizations across the country are part nearing for the largest-ever prescription drug take-back day. ava cooper davis is here, and marcus jones, the deputy director of the montgomery county police special investigations division. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let me start with you and put this in perspective. this is the first time this has been done on a nation-wide basis. tell us why the d.e.a. is doing this. >> this has become a nation- wide problem across the country where we have teens and americans using prescription drugs at alarming rates. it is a major issue and this is an opportunity for all americans to look within their medicine cabinets in their own
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home and get rid of unused, unneeded and expired prescription medication. >> i have known -- i think many of us have heard over the years -- that you shouldn't flush the stuff down the toilet because it could wind up in our water systems all over the country. why can't you throw them away in the trash? why do you need to take them someplace special? >> the problem with that is in many cases prescription drugs have controlled substances that make up that medication, and being in the garbage, individuals can take hold of it and then take it and put it out on the streets where it's sold in illegal markets. >> lieutenant, this is something you deal with i guess every day. >> yes. >> you're throughout on the streets. how big of a problem is it? i think we've generally known about the abuse of some prescription drugs. frequently it's teenagers that go into medicine cabinets. do we know how much of that is old or expired drugs, how much of it is current drugs? is this going to address the
9:17 am
problem in a significant way? >> oh, yes. it will address it in a very significant way. it is a growing trend amongst teenagers and young people, and also a lot of adults who have been addicted to some of these prescription drugs for a very long time. and people are going to some unique ways of trying to find these drugs to have them, to use them and abuse them. many of the times they are being sold illegally on the street, and it's really become where our normal drug dealers are really expanding into this market. and so this is tremendous when we've got young people who are actually raiding sometimes their own parents' and grandparents' medicine cabinets and having to be able to use these drugs. it's having an alarming effect. >> it's interesting because when i was reading about this, and you just touched on this,
9:18 am
sometimes in sounds like medicine cabinets can be raided if not for the individual to take that drug illegally but to provide it to someone else to sell it, and are there also instances where people are breaking into homes mainly for the purpose of stealing drugs? >> yes. if they know for a fact that certain individuals might be utilizing a type of drug that is very popular and many of these drugs have been sold on the street for large numbers of money, and for the abuse part of it, yes. there are people's homes being broken into for that purpose. >> ava, what do people know? it occurs on a saturday. can they bring any drugs to the locations and where can they get more information? >> we are asking for capsules, tablets, solid form pills to be brought in. no syringes, no intravenous solutions. no questions asked.
9:19 am
anonymous and free. and to get further information, www.d.e.a.. gov. >> we should also be linking that information to our web site. locally there are many locations in montgomery county. you have a couple of locations you wanted us to mention in particular. can we put them up particularly again? one is at the police headquarters. >> that's correct, police headquarters at 2350 research boulevard in rockville and we are at the second district station in bethesda right at 7359 wisconsin avenue. >> but there are other locations as well. what are the hours on saturday? >> from 10-2:00 in the afternoon. come on out. one of the things we've also been seeing a lot of is kids taking these prescription drugs out of their parents' and friends' medicine cabinets. 63 of them believe it's very easy to do it, then go into a party and when they walk through the door, putting the pills in a bowl.
9:20 am
during the course of the night the pills are passed around the room and kids take the pills, not knowing. it's not meant for them. they take it, drink alcohol behind it. in many cases they go home, go to bed and the most frightening thing, of course, is they never wake up. so this is a major, major problem, and this is a tremendous effort to educate parents and the general public about the threat that we face with pharmaceutical drugs. >> and you've both just done that. thank you for coming. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> allison. >> tony, thanks. will she stay or will she go? what came out after meeting between d.c.'s schools chancellor and the likely next mayor of the district. and she's looking for things for to us do this weekend. holly, where are you and what are you doing? >> reporter: one place is more beautiful than the next. we are live at the bishop's garden at the national cathedral. it is yet another stop on what
9:21 am
is called "what's out there d.c.?" it's all about the beautiful landscapes in our area. coming up we'll tell you how to take advantage of it this weekend. it's all live later. >> how does she get around like that? let's look at today's trivia question. sales of what part of the male wardrobe dropped sharply after clark gable appeared in the romantic comedy "it happened one night" in 1934. was it the under shirt, the tie, cufflinks? if you want to take a guess, head to our facebook page. much more ahead. we are back right after the break. 
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in from the newark, new jersey school system, the hefty check is being started to begin an education foundation for the school system. it comes a week before the movie "the social networking" which is meant to paint zuckerberg in an unflattering
9:26 am
light. >> newark has a very good magicians apprentice program where they can make money disappear. it's happened in the past. so $100 million is good. let's see how much of it actually is utilized where it's supposed to be. >> it's good for the kids, you. they can use a lot. there's a lot of things they need, computers and all that so it's pretty good for the kids. >> now, the donation is set to be announced on an episode of oprah that will also bring together doory booker and new jersey governor chris christie: 100 million dollars. >> i love it. >> and he's 26. >> that's even more amazing. >> wow. okay. hey, the redskins are getting ready to hilt the field again this weekend so what can we expect from the burgundy and gold on sunday? dave ross is up next with his expert opinion and dave wrote that. >> does very his ladies with him? >> no. they are gone. >> okay. and this week's ask allison question has to do with that light right there. we are going to tell what you
9:27 am
one viewer asked that turned into a pretty involved investigation. i must say frustrating out come. >> really? >> i'm frustrated we don't know more about this but back in a moment with that.
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thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ louise ] l'eggo my eggo. you know how the old saying goes, you win some, you lose some. and we are hoping for the latter this week from the skins. >> so will things turn around? >> now, the former. we are hoping for the former. >> yeah, yeah. >> scratch that. >> a dallas fan wrote this. he is from texas. >> that's right. that's right. his true feelings came out. are things going to turn around? dave ross joins us this morning >> we can hope that the copy and the play will be better. the rams don't have a whole lot of weapons but they do have a
9:31 am
few we should touch upon quickly. the first is sam bradford, the number-one overall pick in this year's draft. they started him right away, said let's throw him in the fire. the first few games he looks good, like a competent nfl quarterback. the rams think this is the long- term solution to their problem. let's hope for the redskins he doesn't have his coming-out party this week. the real guys that the redskins have to stop is the running back and that guy is stephen jackson. this kid, he runs hard every play. the fred played him last -- redskins played him last year. if they have to take away stephen jackson they can stop bradford efficiently and the redskins can win this game easily but that's why they play the game on the field. again, this is the one guy that you have to stop on the offense. >> have had some trouble. >> yes. i want your opinion on this. deangelo hall had some interesting comments in the locker room on sunday when i
9:32 am
was there. i didn't spur it on but he did have some interesting things to say. it was 27-20, fourth in ten for the texans. you get a stop here and you win the game. we all know what happened. matt schaub throw it is up for the big receiver and dowdy was caught in no man's land and could not jump high enough to make the play. texas won the game. after that on monday deangelo hall was asked about this play. here's what he had to say ... >> it's frustrating to go out there and be up 17 points and still lose the game. like i said, i don't care if they catch 20 balls, you throw it 20 times my way i'm going to make some plays. >> how often do you think jim is going to have you walk into his office. >> it don't matter what he says. this is my team. >> what he's saying there, he was asked again can you go to
9:33 am
coach haslet and say i want to cover the best receiver. i don't care what he says. this is my team, this is my defense. do you have a problem with that? >> i like him so much but i don't like that. >> but it's a competitive response. >> sure. >> here's what i like. i like what he's saying. he's saying put me on those guys. i'm going to get it done. you want guys who have that intensity, who feel not that the rest of the skins don't have that but i do like that, saying i don't care what my coach thinks ... >> it's a little tough to swallow. >> the coach going to make the assignments. what we don't want deangelo hall running around on the field doing what he wants to do. >> you can't say i'm going to cover the best guy. that's right. and i think that's the way the coaches took it this week, allison. we like the competitive nature and the fiery response. maybe you don't say the last part about i don't care what he thinks but to a man nobody seems to have a problem with this. i don't think the team will as
9:34 am
long as they win. >> and hopefully they will. i think they will. don't think it's going to be easy but they will win. >> i think they win on a cakewalk. they showed this week they can beat the bad teams. >> i like the rams' call. go with the guy. thanks, dave. we appreciate it. >> looking for a big old w. in the meantime we are hoping to win a record today. >> we are going do do it. >> we got it. >> if it's going to be hot, might as well go for a record. >> beautiful. >> how are we looking? got about 21 degrees to go. >> 19 degrees to go. >> i'm going to have to give an official prediction from dave at the end. mid-90s today. >> we've got to be 95. >> 95 is the magic number. >> 94 does you no good. >> we will have to break it. >> highs don't work in weather, dave. 76 reagan national. here comes the heat. fog holding us back a little
9:35 am
bit but if you want warm temperatures i promise they will be here in a couple of hours. 82 winchester, 77 in annapolis, 75 in baltimore. a little fog hanging tough around central maryland. that will hold temperatures back a little bit in places like annapolis. later today these temperatures are going to soar. as we've been talking about all morning, record temperatures in the forecast for one more afternoon. we hit a record yesterday out at dulles. your morning satellite and radar, can't pick up the fog here but you can see a little light cloud cover off to the north and west. you're focused on this cold front. that won't bring us much in the way of rain but it will bring cooler and dryer air for the weekend. one more day with the extreme heat then we'll start a gradual cooldown starting tomorrow and that will linger into sunday, monday and tuesday. our highs will only be in the 70s. your weekend forecast, big upper-level low sitting across the deep south and spinning. it looks like it's going to eject a couple of pieces of energy toward the washington area. not a picture-perfect weekend. more clouds in the forecast for the day on sunday as the rain
9:36 am
will be moving in our direction and we could see late-day rain with cool temperatures by sunday afternoon. highs only in the 70s. so you definitely want dry weather for outdoor activities this weekend. saturday is your day, as we'll have temperatures in the mid- 80s. our forecast today, look at that. maybe some record heat. 95 degree, lots of sunshine. hot and humid for this time of year. winds out of the south and west at about 5 miles an hour. later tonight clear skies, mild temperatures. 70. your overnight low, cool air gets in here tomorrow morning. it's dryer tomorrow as well as cooler temperature-wise with temperatures in the mid-80s. tuesday our day time highs only in the mid-70s. dare i say it? we might be done with 90s for the year here once we get through today. all right, guys. that's a look at the forecast. back to you. allison is answering one of your questions next. >> i cannot wait. i have some information about a little-known school that was here in d.c. back in a moment. what i have is good. just not the whole story. >> you do the best you can. >> ...berber carpet.  it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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it's time to answer this week's ask allison question. this question sparked a lot there have in our newsroom and -- sparked a lot of interest in our newsroom. this light here was found in a catalog. it's called a lincoln pendant light. the catalog that she sent me the link to said it's named for the famous school in washington, d.c. her parents were educators in the d.c. public schools. she says the only school she can think of is lincoln junior high. she says she has tried to do a search on the lincoln light to find out what school the catalog references but can't find a thing. maria, maria, thank you so much for asking. you know, i love this sort of
9:41 am
-- this history mixed with the african-american culture here in d.c. thank you for asking me to look into this. what i thought was going to be a 15-minute search, i've got to be honest, online it turned out to be an adventure and a history lesson not just for me but i bet a whole bunch of you too. i couldn't find any information on the all-knowing web. i had to do a little leg work. it led me here to the historical society of washington, d.c. and specifically the kiplimit nger center. there was an abraham lincoln school in washington, d.c. with great historical importance. this is a picture of the lincoln school taken in 1904, 1905. it was dedicated on may 1, 1865. c and 2nd street. it housed about 200 students. check this out, though. this is amazing. it was the first public school
9:42 am
built in the nation's capitol for african-american students. there were other schools for blacks operated by philanthropic agencies and the freedman's relief association but again, this was the first public school built by the city for black students. so what's there today? why have you never heard about this? well, here is what's at 2nd and c street today. this is my own photography, tony. this is the extended stay hotel called the capitol suites. across the street is the library of congress. blocks from the smithsonian and the supreme court, yet there is no evidence that this historical building that was the lincoln school ever stood there. to put this all in historical perspective, this was a month after president lincoln was shot. slavery was abolished in the district earlier than in the nation, in 1862. so this was three years before the public school opened to educate specifically black children. the appointed mayor of d.c. at the time mayor richard wallick supported and envisioned a
9:43 am
school within reach of every child, his words, and a building where beauty, elegance and pride would be when you walked in the door because at that time schools were basically rented rooms or held in makeshift buildings. coincidentally, the first public school for white children was named for that mayor. it's called the wallick school located at 7th and d. streets in southeast in 1862. just three years earlier than the lincoln school was established. now, here's the sad part. i could find out everything about the wallick school, demolished in 1950. hine junior high school son the site now. couldn't find a thing on the lincoln school. >> it's so significant and begs the question how did the people writing the catalog know about that school? >> how did they know in the first place? >> there should be some kind of recognition about the school. >> there are historical markers all over there. i'd like to thank yvonne and helen at the kiplinger research
9:44 am
library who helped me. we want to know more about this. i want to do more digging and hopefully bring you a bigger piece about this. if you have a question that you would like me to ask about anything else, click on the morning tab on >> and it was the abraham lincoln school. >> yes, dedicated in 1865. >> she loves history. thanks. up next holly sits down with some of the great minds behind some of fox's most popular animated series. some of the great minds. >> and holly's pulling double duty this morning. she's also searching out some great activities for you this weekend. she's been hopping around the district all morning and we'll see where she landed this morning when she come back.
9:45 am
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9:47 am
holly has been hopping around the district all morning
9:48 am
and she's taking an unique tour of the area. >> where is she now? with the president of the cultural landscape foundation to preview their "what's out there" weekend from the national cathedral. hey, holly. >> i've been dragging him around with me to every spot but charles burnbaum doesn't mind, i don't think. we are at the beautiful bishop's garden at the national cathedral which many people don't even realize it's here. tell us about it. >> the man who worked on the mcmillan commission worked here for almost 30 years. >> is this the aim olmsteed that worked on new york city? >> it's father. it's an arts and crafts garden. you look at this and feel like
9:49 am
you're in england. he partnered with a woman named florence who did a lot of the plantings with him. this is this is an unique collaboration. >> i've never seen so many bumble bees and butterflies flying around. let's walk this way. these are jaw-dropping roses. can we talk about these? >> they are fabulous and it's unusual to see roses in an olmstead garden. this is thanks to a guilt that's been taking care of the garden since 1916. it's about landscape patronage. >> everything is better set up against the shadows of the national cathedral. >> absolutely. >> can we learn about specifically what's plantd? >> that's a really great
9:50 am
question. these are grandi-floras. how are they still blooming with the heat? >> they have a good budget. >> good volunteers too. >> when we talk about the cultural landscape foundation, that is your baby, and it has been but it started out as a volunteer thing. >> it was nine years of volunteerism. we have a national board of directors and we live and breathe online. so literally if you want to learn about not just this landscape but almost 1,000 in our database, you can go learn the whole story of the american landscape. as we've seen this morning, arts and crafts, federal style, all different types of landscapes whether a large english garden or an italian park. >> how did you go about choosing the 25 different spots showcased this weekend? >> we almost played 6 degrees of kevin bacon. we have olmstead junior who is
9:51 am
connected with the national mall and we melded things together. if you're interested, there will be tours. >> you were volunteering, now this is your job. do you find this is something that feeds itself, that people are realizing how important it is and it's just growing and becoming bigger? >> gardening and golf are america's favorite hobbies. the way we've been hard wired to look at a gothic or colonial revival building, we are giving people the vocabulary to look at landscape. >> if only my garden could look like this >> ditto. >> do you think we could pick up a tip or two on the tour this weekend? >> i think at least that. >> or at least you can know where to go and dream as if it's your garden, right? >> absolutely. >> charles, thank you so much
9:52 am
thank you for all the work you do. is our web site. we have a link to theirs. if you go to the location look for the green hat. that's the official tour guide that will be giving the talk and the walk if you want to check it out. if you are on the web site you can download a pamphlet that has all the metro stops closest to the locations. and also they have this really nice big pamphlet if you want to print it out at work. that would be my suggestion. anyway it has all the different spots on it and it has a little information about every spot. get out and enjoy and find what's throughout in d.c. this weekend. so from what's out there to what's on tv, you guys know i have been doing the fox fall lineup thing. i went to l.a. a couple of weeks ago and as you're planning your weekend i want you to keep sundays in mind. either you need to watch these shows or set your dvr because it's called animation domination. that's what fox refers to as its sunday's lineup.
9:53 am
and this year the shows promise to be as star-studded and as irreverent as ever. crusty the clown has won the nobel peace prize. while homer and bart head to oslo, lisa heads to a performing arts camp. >> i love the elegant clothes you wear. >> reporter: where she meets artsy counselors voiced by the cast of glee. who lends a voice is as much to watch as any. >> who's been your most favorite guest star. >> ricky gervaise. he's coming back and asked if he was famous enough to play
9:54 am
himself. there are interesting people like clint eastwood. those that were not kids when the show started are the hardest to get. >> talk about guest stars, for the premier of its second season the cleveland show landed a voice that's almost too good to be true. >> barack obama is doing his own voice, believe it or not. that's a lie. >> i know. >> now, you look at me i know what you think. it looks like i put on a couple of pounds but all i can say is michelle makes a mean apple buy. i graduated magna cum laude ... >> and rapper kayne west.
9:55 am
>> just a great guy. he gets all the jokes. >> together they perform a new hit single be cleaving yourself. never smoke grass, really pass gas, slap your wife -- >> why they call it animation domination? watch fox sunday and you'll totally understand. while i was in l.a. i interviewed two people, my favorite kevin michael richardson who did the voice of president obama in that story, and if you're wondering why, take a look at this. >> he's kind of a genius. kind of like a creative genius. >> well, i wouldn't say that, darling. >> you really are. [ laughter ] >> no. >> your favorite voice? >> it was a lot of fun but we didn't know if he was going to come over and kill everybody, now. >> a voice you would like to do you've been working on? >> my wife's so fat she leaves a ring around the pool, okay.
9:56 am
hey, how you doing, baby? >> i believe in you and me. >> you must be a special lady. >> i love it. i love it. like a concert in the car. >> now you can see why i loved him too. i'm telling you, my side was hurting when i left that room, that guy was so funny. sunday night lineup, 8:00 simpsons, the cleveland show and family guy, all season premiers. so funny, so fox. back to you in the studio. >> he's great. he's really funny. that's great. >> today's trivia question for you next ... in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. the answer to today's trivia question, sales of what part of the male wardrobe dropped shortly after clark gable appeared in "it happened one night" in 1934. the answer, the under shirt. gable didn't wear one in the movie and suddenly other men didn't want to wear them either. >> he sure was a


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